Request for video evidence

We have learned that David Mapley is organising Zoom meetings, in which he is trying to extort money from investors under false pretences. We would like to get hold of video recordings of this. If you are approached by David Mapley or Tudor Fedeles for a video call, we ask you to make a recording with a screen recorder or with your phone and share it with this site.

Please use the file upload tool to share your recording. Recordings are not published, but are used as input for future new articles on this site.

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Board of LFP1 fired and faced with 41 million euro claim by shareholders

With a 96% versus 4% vote the shareholders of LFP1 yesterday dismissed the current board of directors, headed by David Mapley. Mapley got suspended by the Luxemburg regulator CSSF earlier this year for lying about his credentials when applying for his directorship at LFP1.

In a stormy EGM, shareholders cast their mistrust by dismissing David Mapley, Tudor Fedeles and Jacques Bossuyt as board members by an overwhelming majority.

The shareholders will nominate a new board shortly at a yet to be convened EGM. Furthermore, they filed a 41 million euro claim for damages against the former management.

Two years ago David Mapley who falsely claimed to be a fraud investigator at Intel Swiss took over the management of the fund after allegedly having discovered fraud. Later on, it turned out that Mapley had a fraudulent record himself and that his investigation firm “Intel Suisse” simply does not exist. It was further discovered how Mapley abused his mandate at LFP1 to extort one of the shareholders of the fund for over 2 million euros.

Events accelerated after Luxemburg commercial court, appointed last month a court administrator to convene an EGM at the request of shareholders to seek replacement of the board.

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Luxembourg court slams David Mapley and Co. Appoints administrator to convene EGM

Yesterday judge Anick Wolff of the Luxembourg court of commerce rules that the shareholders of LFP1 Equity Power Fund (EPF) are fully in their right to demand an exceptional general meeting. During this EGM the shareholders want to dismiss the current board of directors. The court has ruled in favour of the shareholders and appointed an administrator to convene the EGM.

This court ruling comes at the end of a one and a half year battle between the majority of shareholders of EPF, requesting an EGM and the board of directors refusing to convene one. The majority of the shareholders are holding the current two directors and David Mapley liable for mismanagement in the fund and seek 41 million euro in damages from the trio.

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Fraudulent Intel Suisse strikes again.

David Mapley uses his fraudulent research company Intel Suisse to extort Luxembourg investment fund.

We have previously reported the ghost company Intel Suisse used by David Mapley to pressure victims. However, this time one of his victims has captured everything on video. In the report below you can watch the shocking events and see how David Mapley and his right hand Tudor Fedeles work.

The victims have been reported to the authorities and have started an investigation into the criminal organization Intel Suisse. For your information, the maximum sentence for running a criminal organization in Luxembourg is 15 years.

To be continued…

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CSSF bans David Mapley

The Luxemburg financial authority CSSF has taken action against David Mapley and banned him for a period of 4 years. During this period David Mapley is forbidden to have any position in Luxemburg that requires approval from the financial authorities CSSF.

In a statement the CSSF announces that David Mapley provided incorrect and incomplete information to the CSSF on his declaration of honor. On this declaration you state that all information you provide to the CSSF for approval, to govern a financial entity in Luxemburg is true.

David Mapley had to submit his declaration of honor when he sought to become director of the LFP I structure at the end of 2018. The LFP I structure was subsequently delisted by the CSSF because David Mapley and his fellow directors Tudor Fedeles and Jacques Bossuyt did not comply with the financial regulations in Luxemburg.

As for now we don’t know for which lie David Mapley has been banned. It could be the 30+ bankruptcies on his name, or his alleged directorships in nonexisting companies, or his falsified resume, or maybe his falsely claimed education or the offering of financial products in the US without a permit.

Sure this will be continued in the coming weeks…

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The Shimoda Kraken GP

The other day we received a presentation of a new scam by David Mapley. David Mapley and his henchman Tudor Fedeles is trying to suck the life out of the GB Strategic Land Fund.

As in previous Mapley scams, non-existent companies are presented to make it look trustworthy. As in previous cases, Intel Suisse is staged to give weight to David Mapley’s scam. As we previously published Intel Suisse does not exist. What’s new is that mapley is asking to invest in the unregulated Shimoda Kraken General Partnership (Kraken G.P.). Now we have searched in the Luxembourg trade register, but you guessed it, this Shimoda Kraken G.P. does not exist. But that aside.

The GB Strategic Land Fund (GBSLF) is within an umbrella structure in Luxemburg KMG SICAV. As in many umbrella structures, not all funds succeeded, causing a stagnation within the structure. Which of course makes the shareholders nervous.
Now lets examen the proposal to shareholders of the GB Strategic Land Fund. (Note the clumsy logo from Wikipedia while you claim that you have your own (fake) marketing company.)

David Mapley is proposing to the shareholders of regulated GB Strategic Land Fund to swap their shares, for shares in his unregulated Kraken G.P. and paying him an additional € 1,500.

As described in his plan he seeks to call an Exceptional General Meeting (EGM) and take control of GB Strategic Land Fund. The Investors in the GB Strategic Land Fund will thereafter have nothing to say about their investment and have lost the regulatory protection, as it is absolutely unclear how many shares in the Shimoda Kraken G.P. in the possession of David Mapley, but we presume that he always keeps the majority.

With David mapley in control, he will start to kick around in the media and discover major fraud in the fund and accusing the service providers, hoping they pay him to get rid of him. This is his core business model.

In the meanwhile David Mapley, he has full access to the bank account and assets of the GB Strategic LandFund. No doubt he will make big payments to his Cayman Island Shimoda Capital Partners and empty the fund.

Our advice to KMG SICAV investors is to stay clear from David Mapley and his gang.

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The ghost Blackridge Marketing

In a previous post, we revealed the Intel Suisse ghost company of David Mapley. Today we found an other one.

Blackridge marketing appears to be yet another ghost company of David Mapley. This time together with his son Tim and a guy named Tudor Fedeles. The company does not have an address on its website, nor does the company have a legal status. Their website claims to have representation in the UK, US, and Luxembourg. However, no trade registrations can be found in the United Kingdom or in Luxembourg or the US.

Remains the question of what is the purpose of this ghost company and the people associated with it? We will dive deeper into it.

Stay tuned…

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