The Ghost Intel Suisse

The ghost Intel Suisse

Let’s get in there right away. Intel Suisse (if the site in offline follow this link) is David Mapley’s investigative office that reveals ‘big fraud’ cases to the press. Now if we look at the site of Intel Suisse then already some alarm bells should go off. According to the metadata of the site, it was created on a free version of Microsoft Publisher from 2010 and full of dead links. Not exactly what you expect from a company that claims to have 34 employees and a turnover of 6.8 million dollars.

Apparently, others had already noticed this. The investigators in Switzerland just knocked on the door without prior notice. Surprise surprise. Intel Suisse is mainly a company that exists in the fantasy of David Mapley. The Paper on the letterbox does mention his name, but not Intel Suisse. But it gets even more interesting The company is not registered at all in Switzerland! Not possible either, because David Mapley is not registered in Switzerland at all.

Conclusion Intel Suisse is an empty shell, it exists only when it suits David Mapley. Copy of the investigation report

Update 1: Also a claim that Intel Suisse has an office in the US at Wilton, Connecticut, but again it seems only to exist in David Mapley’s mind. No records about the company in the State of Connecticut files.

Update 2: Also no mention of Intel Suisse on the UK goverment site Companies House.

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  1. Zane Elksnite is connected to David Mapley via Bergerac Wine Holdings PLC. Site is a copy of the City Windmills with many of the same faces and address. Apparently she does something with art in Vierbier in daily life. It is inevitable that there is also misery at Bergerac Wine Holdings. Can you find out? Probably the victims are also victims.

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