Help us to expose David Mapley!

Help us expose David Mapley. David Mapley has a trail of misery behind him with his ghost company Intel Suisse. So far we have received information about his scams in Japan, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. We would like to get in touch with people who have experience with David Mapley’s scams. We would also like to know where in the world he is hiding right now. Finally, we are looking for information about any of his accomplices.

Use the contact form to send us information, or leave a comment below. Please provide as much evidence as possible.

Through this site, we will share the information found. Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “Help us to expose David Mapley!”

  1. David Mapley’s a real con man. His way of working is cunningly refined. His victims are often young, fast-growing companies that depend on fresh capital for their growth. David Mapley contacts these companies with the message that he knows people who might want to invest in the company. David Mapley arranges negotiations through accomplices who turn away at the last minute. David Mapley is able to convince the company’s shareholders that he is more likely to succeed if he is on the management team.

    Once inside, David Mapley discovers a huge fraud committed by the other board members. He manages to convince the shareholders that these board members should be suspended. Mean time he will act as the companies President. He will then make payments for advice and restructuring to his own firms such as Intel Suisse, without any contrary effect. As soon as he is about to be exposed, he will go into hiding abroad.

  2. David Mapley is a true con man. He lies and manipulates everybody he comes into contact with. This max needs to be in prison.

  3. Please, eliminate my name from your website. I am as much a victim of this man as others. Thank you. Zane Elksnité

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