David Mapley’s misleading Shimoda Capital Partners website

David Mapley misleading Shmoda Capital Partners website

David Mapley actively promotes himself as a trustworthy and renowned fund director on his website. (At the moment offline) “Shimoda Capital Partners” This was how the site looked – “shimoda-ltd.com.” However, the information given on his site is false and misleading. From the 12 displayed funds, six are not existing, and four funds have been dissolved or liquidated more than 15 years ago. One mentioned fund has no relation with Shimoda Capital at all. Only one fund is active but says it has fired David Mapley in 2015.

Emerging Markets Investment Funds

  • Shimoda Romanian Fund (RAIF): Non-existing
  • Shimoda Emerging Europe Fund: Liquidated in 2004          

Investment Funds – Fund of Funds

  • Shimoda Russia Renaissance Fund: Non-existing
  • Fund of Credit Asia: Liquidated in 2003
  • Far East Fund – Non-existing
  • Shimoda Capital Fund (RAIF): Non-existing

Investment Funds – Thematic Funds

  • LFP1 umbrella fund since Dec 2018,  but there is no relation with Shimoda Capital. (delisted by the CSSF and David Mapley banned as director)
  • Shimoda Technology Fund: – Non-existing
  • Shimoda Kraken Fund: – Non-existing
  • Quan Technology Fund: Active (Fired David Mapley in 2015)
  • Shimoda US Technology Fund: Deleted in 2003
  • Shimoda-Omron Oil Trading Fund: Deleted in 2004
Editors note:
May 2020 the Luxembourg Financial Authorities (CSSF) banned David Mapley for four years in an exceptional act of naming and shamming. David Mapley received the ban because he provided false information to the CSSF.

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2 thoughts on “David Mapley’s misleading Shimoda Capital Partners website”

  1. Une société Française, REMADEa déposé son bilan debut 2020.
    250.000.000 € ont disparu.
    Nous retrouvons Bossuyt dans les dirigeants

    1. Pouvez-vous étayer votre accusation par des preuves? Des liens vers des rapports de cour ou d’autres documents ? Nous n’affichons que si l’affaire est justifiée.

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