David Mapley loses appeal against four year Luxembourg ban

May 2020 the Luxembourg financial regulator CSSF decided that David Mapley no longer satisfies the requirement of good repute (“honorabilité professionnelle”) for a period of 4 years. Mr Mapley is no longer suitable for any mandate subject to the CSSF’s approval and may, therefore, under such mandates, no longer intervene in the context of a regulated entity falling under the supervision of the CSSF.

David Mapley may no longer intervene in the LFP1 Fund

CSSF May 24th 2020

David Mapley vowed immediately that he would contest this decision. Last October the verdict was upheld by the Luxembourg court of appeal. However David Mapley continues to present himself as a director of the LFP1 Fund. We think that it is time for the CSSF and the appointed administrator of the LFP1 fund to take legal action and stop this misuse of function title.

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